Basil the Mini

RESTORATION REPORT#2: Removing the Engine and Subframe

So big movement yesterday with some serious chunks removed from Basil….mainly the engine and front subframe. Cannot begin to tell everyone what kind of things I uncovered, but in general – fairly solid and sooooooooooooo ready to get this thing blasted and painted. But it is all in the details – lots of little hardware bits and pieces that need replacing or updating – that is the hardest part. I am struggling whether to just make a laundry list here of new parts or just and blast/clean the old parts for reuse. What are the cost implications here for say buying new vs. clean and respray. So lots to think about.

In general the new subframe mounting points (1 main bolt vs the 2 on each side) will need to be modified on body (body shop job?) and subframe powder coated, as well as new hardware. All bushings are gone or perished and noticing that there are metrics and SAE nuts mixed up. I will be replacing as I go with making sure the right size is included.

There is some GREAT GREAT news – I started to undo the rear subframe with the problem areas first – the 3 bolts at each side (2 on trunnions and 1 under) tend to rust in place. But I got all 6 started and worked out with no issues. Thanks to Blaster 16-PB for coming to the rescue! Have more to go on the rear subframe, but will continue to update as I go.

After all the running suspension is out, I will work on interior and get the wiring tidyed up. Will then move on to the doors/windows and body last. I am getting excited as each day goes by…