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Miata’s Around the World: #002

MAtW continues with another BRG beauty, but this time from Shinga prefecture in Japan.  Now the interesting thing about this car is the ‘cafe racer’ approach and me actually seeing this one in person while in Kurizawa a few years ago.  This one literally just stopped me dead in my tracks within a sea of Miatae from Japan.  Quite astonishing if you ask me and I am not sure why it happened.  I mean, if you look at it – there really is nothing special to this car, right?  Well, that is where I would say you really need to read between the lines.  Let’s get to it!

Miata #002/ Eunos Roadster NA6CE / Owner: Nisimura / Location: Shinga, Japan / Web Site


Interior: Nisimura’s NA6CE really does not have much on the inside.  Some soft leather accents and OE Nardi steering wheel and polished Style Bar with harness mounting points. Pretty standard affair and in general good condition from what I saw while at the Kaurizawa meet.

Exterior: The exterior is where this car really shines.  After exploring his Minkara page for a few weeks, it was apparent that he has went through a few creative updates to his NA6 including wheels.  I recall seeing his car page before setting off to Japan and just loved the stance it has in some of the pics in the gallery below (forest shots).  So to start, one immediately notices some nice meatballs on each door – creme in color and really sets off the car well.  It appears that recently he added lower front and rear strips and from what I can make out, he was a little shy in running them over the hood and deck lid.  It appears that he has changed out his nose as well recently and opting for the Barchetta version over say the ZOOM Elan nose kit (something I would have done differently to his car).  It appears that he has a Maurikami Deck Lid on the rear now.  I love how he keeps the OE fog lamps intact as well as his use of the R-pkg spoiler.  A nice set of Runabout mirrors / fuel lid and chrome molding for the windows makes up the nostalgic look and feel as well as a nice custom door plate from the Nostalgic Roadster Group out of Japan. Big props to him some some killer vintage stickers (Britax) and a gentle nod to the classic Mini Cooper!  Finally, some mild wheel arches (riveted!) and RS Watanabe black RS-Eight wheels (6.5J +14.5 front, and 7.0J +7 rear, using spacers) complete the JDM look and excellent stance.

Performance: From what I can make out, it is all stock.  He has a really nice RS FACTORY STAGE exhaust (over under tip) that he seems to like very much.  He even added a checker board design to the can that you can see through the rear bumper cut outs.

Overall Style: This is a very simplistic Eunos with some hints of DIY personalization (cut out bumper, arches, etc) and very well executed.  I would have done the ZOOM nose on this car because of the period look, but the really nice look here are the creme colored meatballs and BRG/Tan combo.  Just looks great.

Overall Muse Rating: 7/10

Miata’s Around the World: #001

Every so often we all run across something that becomes our muse or something that elevates our creative vision into something truly special.  Maybe it is a catalyst that provides that spark that leads down another path or one that rekindles one from long ago.  I am not sure what my catalyst is for this particular blog, but much of this stems from my passion for the Eunos Roadster (aka Mazda Miata, MX-5, etc) and how people translate their creativity into a vision.  I have been there and continue to experience those moments and I thought it would be nice to share some of those visions from others around the work how they translated their vision into reality – all through the Mazda Miata.  One important note – the ones I will be displaying in my blog do have a theme that I am drawn to…something nostalgic, something vintage and maybe something new.  But one thing remains true – these are examples from around the world that have inspired me into my journey with The Blue Potato.

Miata #001 / V-Special (NA6CE) / Owner: Yozzy / Location: Shizuoka, Japan / Web SIte


Interior: Yozzy’s NA6 is very well done inside and is very warm and inviting.  I love his approach to the minimalistic approach and his courage not to go so far as to disrupt the lines.  Several key areas that I believe he really nailed it would be the gauge clusters, door panels and shift knob.  The main gauge cluster comes straight out of a super rare M2 1002 edition and provides an independent 4-gauge pod layout with elegant black face and beautiful crystal glass.  In the center bin we find a Drophead 3-gauge up/radio below bin unit with Smith’s gauges.  Finally, something dear to my heart – a beautiful wood shift knob (cannot place the make unless it is OE from Japan) and OE Nardi.  The door panels are OE with Nakamae door straps and M2 1001 This combination is extremely well done and really beckons one to jump in a drive.  And to top it all off, a custom made V-special badge.  Well done Yozzy!

Exterior: The exterior continues to keep the minimalistic vision in line while really making a bold statement by saying “hey, OE body style is still timeless and aggressive at the same time.”  Yozzy does this well and keeps all the proportions in check and not falling prey to altercations to the front nose or rear tail lamp treatment (i.e. Garage Vary).  What I like most of the exterior is the hardtop usage here.  I am a BIG fan of the factory hard top and I feel this really transforms the car into something really special in under 10 mins.  On top of that, he continues to accent the exterior with OE Elan side mirrors, vintage gas cap and OE Jag washer nozzles.  The icing on the cake is a set of Panasports and a lovely Racing Mate badge.  Perfect.

Performance: From what I can make out, it is all stock.  Under the hood he also has a M2 1001 polished valve cover and oil cap.  Very classic and keeps the original feel of the Eunos is check.

Overall Style: I love Yozzy’s overall style and the clarity in his vision.  He simply does not deviate from the Elan approach and the beauty here is in the minimal approach and literally draws you in with each picture.  I would love to drive this car someday and even own something similar.  As I type this now, all I want to do is find a 1991 BRG and totally restore it and go in this direction.  You would need to drop some serious change looking for used M2 1001 parts out there – most likely on Yahoo Japan Auction and even then, I have seen prices anywhere from $300-$1000 USD for specific parts.

Overall Muse Rating: 8/10



My friend in Japan

Japan is rebuilding and this is not the first time for them.  I keep telling myself this over and over and yet, it is so difficult to understand or even feel what some of the survivors of the March 11th tsunami are even going  through.  At least that is what I thought until shortly after I learned that a good friend of mine was in a location that was within the pathway of the destruction.  Gabe Craft and wife with their little girl barely got away from such a horrid catastrophe when it happened.

I have known Gabe for awhile and we share a unique passion for the Mazda Miata.  He lived in SC and we would meet each year at the Miata’s at The Gap and really enjoyed comparing cars, modifications, discussing life and whatnot.  Soon after, Gabe and his then girlfriend had a calling to teach in Japan in a rural area and really fell in love with his new calling.  I recall on my trip to Japan a few years ago, it was impossible to get out to the coast where he was due to time and unfortunately cost (the Shinkansen is not a cheap travel alternative but very quick), but I know that we will meet again soon.  Fast forward to March 11th….I recall seeing on Gabe’s Facebook page that his family and friends were not seeing a response from him or his family and it really was emotional.  Fortunately, Gabe was fine with his family (see recaps below) but they lost everything – and I mean everything.

Somewhere in my mind I knew I wanted to help in any way for the Japan effort and thought it would be nice to make an impact with someone who I knew and someone who touched so many of us.  I quickly activated a community of people through a Mazda website/forum that I moderate – and quite honestly, the outpouring was unreal (for use of a better word).  In one week, the community at came together and raised enough money for Gabe and his family to help with their rebuilding.  This is the first time I have ever done something like this and quite honestly….it was very humbling and in a way, Gabe has made me a better man since we first met back on that hot July day at the Gap.  I also now realize now how important community is and how  important it is to help others in who are truly need.  I think at times it is so easy for someone to sit on a couch and see the news a thousand miles away that really does not impact them.  I can only hope that Japan rebuilds with that drive that I have always known to see and feel with the Japanese…I just know they will.

I wanted to post something that his wife posted soon after so that my reads can understand the impact this has made for just one family – and many others out there that simply may not have the resources to recount such a disaster.  Also posting link below for a news clip from Gabe’s family below.


On Friday afternoon as you all know an 8.8 magnitude earthquake shook the country of Japan. Gabe was at school across the bay and I was home in Jinomori with Violet. When the earthquake started I ran outside with Violet. We had no shoes or coats on as it happened so suddenly.  I struggled to make it down the street to where my some of my neighbors were standing an holding on to some steel poles. They held out their arms to me and then we all wrapped our arms around Violet. She began to cry and the shaking became more and more severe and also probably because my heart was beating out of my chest. There was an explosion at the power plant that we could see from where we were standing and we all screamed out loud as the sparks flew. Finally the shaking subsided and we all stood around waiting to hear the announcement to follow. Violet was screaming so loudly that I could not hear the announcement at all. I stood there as long as I could but we were both getting cold so I started to walk back in to my house thinking it was all ok.

Just as I arrived at my house my dear friend Junko Mino drove past and shouted out my name. I  was so happy to see her and she immediately said there is a big tsunami coming please get in my car. I ran to the door of my house and was able to grab shoes for me and Violet and our coats. They were by the door so I didn’t even have to go inside but I did see everything in my kitchen on the ground. I had my cell phone and ran back to the car and we drove away. I tried to call Gabe several times but everyone was doing the same thing. I could not get a connection. Finally just before the service cut out we connected and I said where are you? He told me his location and I told him I was going to the hospital because it is the highest place in our town. Junko dropped me off there and then went to meet with her family. I went inside and they were setting up triage in the entry ways. I stood there in the entry as the aftershocks continued to shake the earth. A former student of Gabe’s and her mother arrived with her 1 month old twin baby girls. And we waited together to meet out husbands. After 1 hour passed I was really getting sick. Someone came in and said where is Gabe and I told them. Their eyes told me everything I did not want to know. They said the wave came and I just felt my whole world shatter. I didn’t even know the wave had come.

So I stood there trying to hold it together for our baby girl. Another 45 min past and I was really hanging by a thread of hope that I would see my beloved’s face one more time. I was thinking of all the things I had said the night before and the morning of. What could I have said different. Then a familiar face appeared. It was my neighbor and she shouted out that Gabe was there. I didn’t believe her though. She left and running through the doors 3 minutes later was my beautiful husband. It was the most beautiful embrace of my life. My husband my friend and love was with me again. Then we waited for news of other loved ones. That night we were told to stay in the gym of the hospital with other survivors. It was amazing to experience such kindness and grace under so much distress.  We are safe and very blessed. The next day we moved to another evacuation area to make room for incoming elderly and injured. There was no lack of water or medicine but we knew the night would be another rough sleep. We decided to journey to  the town where our friend Mark and his aforementioned wife, Junko, live. As we were about to leave Mark came in the room. We all embraced in tears of relief and thankfulness. Mark took us to his home and we ate and slept well. There is so much more to tell… But, we must go at this time.

We give thanks to all of you who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers. We have each other but we have lost our home, car and possessions. Beyond prayer, many have asked how they can help physically. So, given the cost of shipping anything these days and that we can buy what we need here the best way to help us is to send a check or money order payable to Roy Craft, 36 Joan Drive, Taylors, SC 29687,USA

Please note: We are NOT asking for anything but only letting those who are wanting to send help somehow ,know how to help us. This is the most helpful way physically. Other than that we request prayers for acceptence of peace in mind body and spirit. let us pray for the world and all those who suffer this day.

We love you all and thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers.

We are continuing a vigil of hope for friends not yet contacted.

– Peace, Blessings & Love, Gabe, Steph & Violet


You can also see a short video here:

Gabe and Family escape