Basil the Mini

RESTORATION REPORT#11: Basil has his wings

Not much updates here – but as you have most likely read on the previous entry, we went with brand spanking new BMH front wings to make things right. So I am attaching a couple quick pics below of how that looks. Clearly we will need to modify the front panels as well and the […]

RESTORATION REPORT#10: Spring is here and getting closer to painting

It has been awhile since my last post and mostly due to work on my end.  But the good news is that I have seen Basil several times in last few months and things are moving well.  The body is active at Sentry – meaning that they have 1-2 people on him now.  I think […]

RESTORATION REPORT#9: Body Prep and More Powder Coating

Pretty big update for Basil this week – Some TLC with a blast & bath (and seal/primer) in the engine bay (the worst part), the boot and all 4 wheel well areas.  And the results are pretty incredible with minimal rust anywhere.  There are some small holes here and there, but spoke to Mike Cottrell […]

RESTORATION REPORT#8: Color Study and Powdercoating

A few months ago, I took my old front subframe to a local powder coating shop here and was really impressed with the job.  For about $90, my front subframe looks brand new and ready to go back into place.  Some of you may know by now that I did not go this route with […]

RESTORATION REPORT#7: Beyond the Cold Frost of Hibernation

Wow…it has been a long time. Way too long. But there has been some significant updates for Basil and it feels good to get another report underway now that the cold winters have come to pass. Snowpocalypse hit Atlanta like a 2 ton sledge hammer and created havoc for the body shops across the city […]

RESTORATION REPORT#6: More Subframe action and parts!

So lot of activity from the parts world over the past few days for Basil. Stepping back a few weeks ago, by chance again I saw an ad on Mini Mania for a brand new BMH rear subframe for sale. This one had been posted for a few weeks and emailed the chap and interestingly […]


Today was a big day as I got the rear subby out as well as those pesky door windows. My god, if there ever was a more ill conceived design out there, these Leyland windows and crank mechs are for the dogs. I mean complete crap. Utter crap. But they are out and now I […]

RESTORATION REPORT#4: Getting into the thick of it

Well Report #4 comes to you today by Makers Mark – when you just need the best, the best is here. Or maybe today is brought to you by Live from Daryl’s House…I can’t go for that. Ok, long story. So today was a good day. Monday of next week, it is my hopes to […]

RESTORATION REPORT#3: Prepping for Rear Subframe and Interior

Blogs are a nasty habbit. Howe many times have you went to a blog and seen someone with the best intentions to start a blog and only to see that 1) they posted a handful of times and 2) they did this back in 1999. I mean what gives? So lesson to all you bloggers […]

RESTORATION REPORT#2: Removing the Engine and Subframe

So big movement yesterday with some serious chunks removed from Basil….mainly the engine and front subframe. Cannot begin to tell everyone what kind of things I uncovered, but in general – fairly solid and sooooooooooooo ready to get this thing blasted and painted. But it is all in the details – lots of little hardware […]