Basil the Mini

REPORT#21: The Simple Complexity

So here we are at update #21 and things are moving and groovig nicely. But #21 also presents a new attitude unlike any others. Once again, I am plagued with aftermarket products that simply do not fit – and sadly, I took a stance and ended my relationship with Seven Mini Parts. I simply had […]

RESTORATION REPORT#20: Above and Below the Count

Yet again, I am tardy with updates but there are some juicy ones to come. For this installment, we are now focusing our attention to the interior (the ‘Above’ in this case) and more specifically – the headliner (OOOOHHH!). Yes, that thing. The thing that I was fretting for ages and decided to initially leave […]

RESTORATION REPORT#19: Enter the Boot of Shame

Wow…so where to begin here. I will say this….I really wanted to have the boot my own fin project. It was freshly repainted and I wanted to continue on with doing things RIGHT. So went out and purchased all new hardware and refreshed some parts, but order more new parts to get this book perfect. […]

RESTORATION REPORT#18: Going Big and Doing it Right

So big step in this update – I took the plunge with replacing the ENTIRE wiring harness – front to back, you name it. Including new 12v cable and earth straps, etc. Now let me say this, when you remove an existing harness, and one that the previous owner (or whomever did this) decided to […]

RESTORATION REPORT#17: Time for a Hot ‘Cuppa and Some Touch-Ups

SO this installment, while not HUGE in stature, is really about fixing all the niggly stuff and old uninspiring white paint removed some several pieces to get Basil right. Once again, the more I dig into the pit with Basil, I find out that this Mini was loosely patched together for a quick sale and […]

RESTORATION REPORT#16: Starts with The Plumbing

Once again, I am slightly behind the ball on getting updates out the door for Basil, but in this report, he is officially up on jacks for the final stretch. With this kind of fresh canvas, you really have to think through where you want to start….and what needs to go first, second, third, etc. […]

RESTORATION REPORT#15: Now the fun starts

So after a long hibernation at Sentry Auto Body, Basil came up unscathed on a flatbed. Sentry was nice enough to lend me the steel body roller that they had been using to work on Basil, and I took my lame wooden cart back home to be dismantled. The caster wheels were not big enough […]

RESTORATION REPORT#14: Basil is coming home

So after a long and winding road, Basil is about to return from the body shop all freshly painted and almost ready to be put back together. As mentioned before the front wings were modified to accommodate wider 10″ wheels and then have the GP2 arches installed, but I decided to hold off on arches […]

RESTORATION REPORT#13: This is the lucky one

So wow…where do I begin….LOTS of progress here and it is scary. The boys at the shop have stepped up their progress and we are almost at finish line now. Had a minor set back that will come back to haunt me – they wanted to remove headliner to keep the media/particles to a minimum […]

RESTORATION REPORT#12: It’s all in the details

So again, I fail to keep this site up as much as I would like, but my updates are really driven by the longer-term and painstaking efforts on Basil’s body work. I really do not want to rush anything and therefore, updates just saying “Body is still being worked on…” becomes old and tiring. In […]