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RESTORATION REPORT#12: It’s all in the details

So again, I fail to keep this site up as much as I would like, but my updates are really driven by the longer-term and painstaking efforts on Basil’s body work. I really do not want to rush anything and therefore, updates just saying “Body is still being worked on…” becomes old and tiring. In fact, this reminds me again… Read more →

RESTORATION REPORT#10: Spring is here and getting closer to painting

It has been awhile since my last post and mostly due to work on my end.  But the good news is that I have seen Basil several times in last few months and things are moving well.  The body is active at Sentry – meaning that they have 1-2 people on him now.  I think due to a slightly slower… Read more →

RESTORATION REPORT#7: Beyond the Cold Frost of Hibernation

Wow…it has been a long time. Way too long. But there has been some significant updates for Basil and it feels good to get another report underway now that the cold winters have come to pass. Snowpocalypse hit Atlanta like a 2 ton sledge hammer and created havoc for the body shops across the city and because of that, Basil… Read more →

RESTORATION REPORT#2: Removing the Engine and Subframe

So big movement yesterday with some serious chunks removed from Basil….mainly the engine and front subframe. Cannot begin to tell everyone what kind of things I uncovered, but in general – fairly solid and sooooooooooooo ready to get this thing blasted and painted. But it is all in the details – lots of little hardware bits and pieces that need… Read more →