Basil the Mini

REPORT#30: Summertime Fun and bits-n-bobs

My sincere apologies as again, maintaining a job and a classic car and family life and then a blog always seems to intersect into a more of time that simply is not there. But nevertheless – Basil has seen some nice improvements and running really nicely. With where I am at now with this car, I am usually updating small things all around the car – so maybe going forward, I may break it down into Engine, Suspension, Body and Interior (and Misc) in my posts….because the pictures I upload are all over the place at times. And that is not a bad thing!

After getting the timing down to a level that worked with the Swiftune maps on the distributor, I finally got the aux fuel pressure regulator to play nicely with the OE mechanical fuel pump. Its not a LOT of pressure here, but the nut on top helps you dial in the pressure and needs to be done very carefully.  One thing I also wanted to correct was the kink and possible sharp edge of the body to the rear fuel line coming off of the fuel tank.  Cannot imagine what would happen over time here…Also did a full oil change and used some new oil on the 1293 – Valvoline VR1 with Zinc. Basil seems to like this blend better than the older Castrol so will stay with this for now. A quick run around town and he was singing the right notes.

At this stage, I had that issue again with Netwon sending me (again) the wrong speedo panels…this is second set of “round” speedo panels I got and while I was flustered, without any questions they sent out the oval set. Arrived and swapped out with no issues. I also was having a longer look at the DNS polished panel and just was having issues with a couple of those delta switches. It may be time for a technology upgrade here as my hazard switch was playing havoc on my turn signals. The interior at the end of the say was looking really sharp. Lots of compliments from anyone who stopped me in traffic. The final update is a big one…I finally purchased the slider mirror in homage to my old car, The Blue Potato. There is a small JDM shop that makes these for classic minis and I am in love with it. It was one of those additions I have been wanting to make way back when I first started to look at classic minis. Really chuffed here.  Also added an old 1975 Tax Disc and holder to compliment the period look.

For giggles, I installed the rat-rod MK1 boot I grabbed from a guy who was tossing out all his old mini stuff, worked like a treat and gave a cool look….so will have some fun here and will put the newer boot back on soon.  Finally – after a year or so of looking for the C(lassic)JDM-inspired look…I went with one spot lamp that was offset – this one in yellow and was a Lucas used on an old Vespa. I love the look and will need to make sure that new spot bracket I got from MiniMania is finally bolted down correctly. I still need to wire it into my fog switch at some point.  I celebrated with a proper pint of ale.

Not a ton here for updates, but one thing was for sure…the camber and caster was all done by string and an eyeball…so Basil was REALLY twitchy at speed…so I knew I needed a goo alignment and has this rear camber plates I needed to install to dial it in correctly….so put those on and was off to the alignment shop weeks later….more on that in my next update.

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