Basil the Mini

REPORT#29: Initial Runs and More Little Things

So a small update today (writing this as of 6/5/18, so a bit behind), but after getting Basil running “well”, it was time to look at fuel pressure and overall timing. So on a sunny Atlanta day, we checked all fuel and ignition settings as well as distributor settings. Clearly this was done statically on the driveway, then a run around the area, back into driveway and adjust a bit more. He is running better now and got him to an even level with engine performance. The suspension is very twitchy as we aligned by eye (no string) so that needs addressing soon…including installing those rear camber plates to help dial in the rears.

Also in this update, also had some small additions as well….including re-securing/protecting the rear fuel line at the tank as it developed a nasty kink in the rubber fuel line. This may have lead to some fuel issues, so it was straightened out. Finally did some smaller jobs like some very small paint touch up and sanding….installed (finally) the Mini badge on the front as well as bonnet strap for that period touch.