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REPORT#26: Almost Ready to Take Flight

Not much for this update – just a lot of little things that I was working on but the big focus was on getting the carpet modified, cut and installed correctly. It was a fairly easy install, but holy cow – lots of cut, install, remove, measure, cut, install and repeat like 30 times. The one thing that I think I may have focused on too much were the small Newton cir-clips that are used as anchor-points. I really wanted to use them but like any old technology, these things are just more effort than what it is worth. Meanwhile I have like 6 small holes in my floor with nice stainless hardware that I now need to plug up. Just pointless as the carpet sits fine and honestly does not need any further anchor points other than the 3M spray glue for the sides of the inside wells, etc.

Also installed a wonderful bit of kit – DNS RetroSport oil mount kit that really makes the engine bay shine as well as super easy access to change the oil.  Really smart piece of kit, this!

That’s it from here!

One thought on “REPORT#26: Almost Ready to Take Flight

  1. Cliffhanger! Oh no! What tragedy befell Basil? I’ll have to read the next installment. Thankfully I won’t have to wait a week for the next episode.

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