Basil the Mini

REPORT#25: Moving Into The New Office

This is a big big big update and one I have been looking forward to – and one that needs the right touch. The interior for Basil was something I have been thinking about for some time as like with The Blue Potato, I really focus on interior aesthetics. I knew 3 years ago that I was set on a red interior….I really really wanted red….second choice was maybe camel or tan interior….and of course, the exterior paint would need to match. So in this case, Tweed Grey and Red or Fugly Green and tan…..the Grey/Red won out.

Here’s a quick video of some of the action in this update:

So from a few updates ago, you know a huge order was placed at Newton Commercial and the entire interior was hand made they way they do it at NC and within 8 weeks, I had a HUGE box show up at the front door. Once I inspected everything, the process started and started with the floor first. As of this posting, I am still taking my time with the carpet and making sure that the cuts are perfect and precise for things like seatbelt holes and mounts, steering rack, wiring looms, anchors, etc. I am about 80% ready to lock it all down now.

So now came the seats and without going into too much detail, they came out reasonably well with a few things that need some tweaks. One miss was that I forgot to use the new circular inserts (that goes behind the covers) over the pivot points. I need to see if I can get back in there and insert them somehow. The old covers were is really great shape and was a shame to see them go, but that white piping was just hideous. The foam was in fairly good shape – the seat bottoms and back were good. The thin foam that surrounds the seat bottom frames needed to be sourced and replaced.

The wire/twine diaphragms were not in great shape and decided to go with the newer rubber diaphragms from Newton. They are strong and hold up well and glad I did for this 5’11” guy who likes a Porter on a Sunday. The door cards and rear cards went on gently….although the rears were VERY hard to squeeze into the slots needed, but once you snap them into place, you can use some plastic tools to adjust with some swear words or two.

Finally, I did some minor updates in the engine bay with the final mounting of relays and the new fuel filter…including some carb hardware. All in all, the engine bay is really starting to come together and the wiring is being carefully routed away from the birds-nest I started with before I started this project. More to come and hope to have the interior done over the holiday break.