Basil the Mini

RESTORATION REPORT#17: Time for a Hot ‘Cuppa and Some Touch-Ups

SO this installment, while not HUGE in stature, is really about fixing all the niggly stuff and old uninspiring white paint removed some several pieces to get Basil right. Once again, the more I dig into the pit with Basil, I find out that this Mini was loosely patched together for a quick sale and I am the one making everything, nae, E V E R Y T H I N G right again.

So a short list of things done – scraping off all the cheap white paint from items removed from Basil long ago (door mechs, locks, handles, etc) as well as removing the ‘black grille paint from your local hardware store’ from the air vent plates, switch panel and a ton of other stuff. What a dis-service to these parts that really make a Mini shine with vintage awsomeness. Interesting thing….some of you may be wondering what is up with the switch plate – that my friends is from a Mk3 Van and OE spec and fits nicely over the slightly Mk3 bigger hole in dash rail and forgoes the tacky padded cover, etc. I decided to give it some love and strip it down to bare metal and only crinkle coated the center part, leaving the outside ring polished. Very vintage and looks the part. Although, I as not 100% happy with the stuff I used (crinkle coat can get testy depending on the humidity/heat), I will go back and re-shoot it again for that perfect finish.

Next up was getting the windows refreshed and ready for aligning the doors and re-installing all the hardware. Some of the metal supports (2 per window) were badly corroded but easy to replace…yet again, replace more parts with brand new parts and some that will never be seen again.

So next up will be wiring harness and doors….stay tuned.

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