Basil the Mini

RESTORATION REPORT#15: Now the fun starts

So after a long hibernation at Sentry Auto Body, Basil came up unscathed on a flatbed. Sentry was nice enough to lend me the steel body roller that they had been using to work on Basil, and I took my lame wooden cart back home to be dismantled. The caster wheels were not big enough in the long run and many just collapsed and got destroyed.

The great thing was that when on this steel cart, you could wheel him around so easily and effortlessly that I almost got in him and with a PUSH, down the driveway I went…sadly this did not happen (thank god) and gently put him into Garage Potato for the next stage. So from here, we start a long journey or rebuilding. I think it will be very straight forward here with the rebuild – with lots of reference pictures to go buy. From a high level, we will be assembling back as such:

1) Off cart and on jack stands
2) Rear subframe install (plus battery cable)
3) Brake/fuel line plumbing (incl tank, slave, etc)
4) Wiring harness and start on basic lights, switches, etc
5) Attend to doors/windows in doors (align, etc)
6) Remaining windows and new headliner
7) Front subframe/assembly/hubs/brakes and engine install
8) Engine tune and overall check
9) Interior install (new from Newton)
10) Body (arches – still debating) and prep (waxyol, etc).

But before I get there, it all starts to come down to parts and hardware. I will soon find out that hardware is going to be my nemesis with MANY trips to Ace Hardware (selection is amazing compared to say Home Depot) and trying to find lost items in boxes. Here we go…..