Basil the Mini

RESTORATION REPORT#14: Basil is coming home

So after a long and winding road, Basil is about to return from the body shop all freshly painted and almost ready to be put back together. As mentioned before the front wings were modified to accommodate wider 10″ wheels and then have the GP2 arches installed, but I decided to hold off on arches now – until I have a better perspective of how wide I will need, etc.

But for now, here he is in all his Tweed Grey glory with OE white top. Clearly there still needs some final touch-ups and paint that need to be trimmed around some openings. All the paint wax needs to be wiped away and i only focused on on the body work that needed attention. The floor is clearly patched together poorly, but stable and there is some filler still on some areas, but I’m happy with how he turned out and already had two people offer me $$$ for him as is now. So clearly drawing a lot of attention for a non-concourse runner. He’s meant to be driven, not for show.

The plan is to have him in my hands in a few days and now is the time to clean out his garage, re-organize all the parts, and look for all my notes on how to get him back together. More to come.