Basil the Mini

RESTORATION REPORT#11: Basil has his wings

Not much updates here – but as you have most likely read on the previous entry, we went with brand spanking new BMH front wings to make things right. So I am attaching a couple quick pics below of how that looks. Clearly we will need to modify the front panels as well and the wizards at Senty did an AMAZING job or cutting and bending the lip out a tad to protect the tyres. Really good stuff here.

One area that I put the brakes on was the arches. I purchased a set of Group 2 Race arches – that I thought would be perfect for the +15mm offset wheels, but feels like they are just too wide for my application. Decided to hold off on the fronts until i have the suspension and drive shafts in place before installing. What you see below are the rears installed and then removed soon after as we wait to see how Basil sits. May need to go with the non Race (aka wide) versions.

Primering is up next!

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