Basil the Mini

RESTORATION REPORT#9: Body Prep and More Powder Coating

Pretty big update for Basil this week – Some TLC with a blast & bath (and seal/primer) in the engine bay (the worst part), the boot and all 4 wheel well areas.  And the results are pretty incredible with minimal rust anywhere.  There are some small holes here and there, but spoke to Mike Cottrell and he said this is easily done with some small patchwork or small amount of filler.  Would not make sense to remove panels for such small spots so far.  The only panel that I am not happy with is with one of the inside engine bay wings – where the transmission would sit.  That inner wing part is slightly bent inwards and appears that whomever has this car before, may have pushed it in to get the engine in the car?  Really odd.  Also the rear left fender is slightly pushed in where the arch is attached – you could not see it with the arch, but with arch off, you can see it.  See pic below.

I also finished out with a big batch of items to powdercoat.  Some items, like the shock mounts were very expensive to replace and just decided to blast and PC in gloss black.  And some parts just were not worth replacing – like the front arm swing pins.  I got new shiny ones for a few bucks.  Job done!  One of the highlights was the radiator fan shroud – this came out amazing and extremely hard to find used for a good price.  Another part that was impossible to find was the engine mount straps that sit inside the floor well.  They were in bad shape but after blasting, they look brand new.

Finally, I placed an order with Mini Sport for items that made economical sense as several of the US vendors were just too expensive for really strange parts.  The shocks were an obvious cost that was outlandish here in the states and made sense from the UK – even with shipping and duties.  Also got a KILLER RadTech all aluminum radiator that I am in love with (Thank you Tiffany and Clay for the recommendation!).  Lots of parts to go through and I am just ready to get this body started.  I have identified the color that I think I will be going with….stay tuned for that soon.  The 1275 is also in holding pattern now with Philip and will hopefully move forward with that soon.