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Today was a big day as I got the rear subby out as well as those pesky door windows. My god, if there ever was a more ill conceived design out there, these Leyland windows and crank mechs are for the dogs. I mean complete crap. Utter crap. But they are out and now I see more as to why things are where they are – more on that in a moment.

The morning started out with removing the union jack from the roof – feet and feet of low grade vinyl that continued to tear at every corner. While I did this cold and should have warmed the vinyl up a bit, it was just the quickest way and easiest on the fingers.

So the rear subby – I knew going into this that the rear had some rust issues and quite honestly this was freaking me out a bit. On top of that, whomever had this car before, decided to DOUSE the underside of the Mini with under-seal – which is not a bad thing once all the floors were replaced, but to cover the rear sub as well as trunnions, rear drums, hand brake cables, trailing arms, fuel lines, etc….it was just poor decisions that has led me now to where I am now. Thankfully, the mounting bolts to the rear was not seized and came out fine and she dropped like a 300lb anchor when it was all said and done.

Clearly I have rust at the seam lines on the frame – including one hole that needs attention. Will need to seriously look at this if this is even an option to spend the amount of time to paint or PC back to shape. Clearly I can get a new frame for about $400, but may have to replace all the drums and hardware as well.

Moving on to the doors….the passenger door just would sink to one side as you rolled up and it is now apparent as to why. Someone put this window back in (it is a replacement) and did not install the front window bracket. So what was happening was that when you wound up the window, the winder mech arms were hitting glass and scraping away the glass on the edge over time. I just continue to be amazed and shocked as to what I got into at times with this car. Clearly these things happen, but why take the short cut here? What person decided “Sod off, I am not going to complete the job and just do it half way so I can get home on time” or “holy cow, $30 for the extra bracket is going to bust the bank for me!” Seriously, it is just shocking to me.

The day is gone and the Mini is another step closer to paint nirvana. Just cannot wait to get that thing back on the new MB Racing wheels and out on the road again.

(EDIT: Last 3 pics were taken last year with exhaust swap – wanted to include some pics of the underside of the Mini)

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