Basil the Mini

RESTORATION REPORT#4: Getting into the thick of it

Well Report #4 comes to you today by Makers Mark – when you just need the best, the best is here. Or maybe today is brought to you by Live from Daryl’s House…I can’t go for that. Ok, long story.

So today was a good day. Monday of next week, it is my hopes to knock out the rear subframe, doors and just some ancillary parts. That will leave me with some good time to really prep the shell for painting and modifying. This will be things like documenting all hardware that will need to be replaced (i.e. the engine bay), rubber grommets, wiring loom and repairs that need to be made there. Also things like sanding down some of the interior for tape residue, etc. I just need to get Basil in good shape before bead blast and then the coats that will truly transform him into something unique.

Today started and ended with a beer. God I love beer. But needed to keep level headed and not get carried away with an angle grinder and soft flesh. So I focused on the interior some more and the front and rear windshield. Mix that with some serious engine bay work and getting all my parts put away in boxes – this takes up a good part of a day. And quite honestly I am taking my time as I cannot get into the body shop until the UK shipment arrives.

So FINALLY – out came the heater and man was that sh*t brown! Coolant mixed with rust – and couple that with the fact that the motor does not work, I really need to just remove it and store it until I have some down time. I think it is a grounding issue, but we will see.

Next was the front and rear windshield and my lord, it was super easy. I spent more time on cleaning up the gunk applied than anything. Funny thing is that Basil has multiple replacement side windows (removed last week) as indicated by the secret codes stamped on the windows (yes, go google that one – there are secret codes).

The BITCH of the day was two items…the wiper assembly and and the wiper assembly. My god…where do I start. First, the shaft nuts on the wiper spindles (the part where each wiper arm locks down on) just poking out of the cowl were stripped and would not BUDGE…and appears that no matter how much PB I blasted on them, nada movement. No beuno. Poop. I can see why the nuts were stripped…..BUT someone decided to just push the entire spindles THROUGH the small hole to get them out. It is clear to see this. Now I need to figure out what needs to be replaced here. Most likely the drive line and 2 wheel boxes as I think the motor is fine. The park switch is also questionable with some cracking plastic happening on the connectors. Jesus.

At the end of the day, I think it all went fine. The wiper thing just really irked me and it is clear that this one will be a big investment (looking at reconditioned drive lines on ebay now).

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