Basil the Mini

Project #6: Heater Cable Replacement

So super easy and quick update this month for Basil.  The OE heater control cable was really looking pretty nasty and needed to be replaced.  Mind you that the original cable in the car worked fine, but was frayed and getting old.  The knob itself looked burned or just damaged by sunlight over the years.

So off to Mini Mania and a new 30″ cable was ordered – as well as a new heater valve (more below on that) and gasket.  When I got the new cable, it looked really short – almost too short and thought once again, I got the wrong part.  But soon I realized that the Mini is just much shorter than what I am used to and it was the perfect length.  The heater valve that they sent me did not match what was on the car and soon found out that Mini Mania had no idea as well of the SKU mismatch and quickly had this corrected.  As I write this, a correct one is on the way, but I suspect it will be an easy swap.

Back to the cable, it is fairly straight forward, but do recommend that you think ahead here with a small trick.  First, unscrew the interior switch panel and get access to the backing nut on the original cable.  Then get to the engine bay and simply disconnect the cable from the heater valve.  At this point, my recommendation is to tape a long length of wire on the end of the cable as you start to pull the cable through the firewall and leave a bit of the wire in the engine bay.  This way, you will have an easy way to pull the new cable back through (Thanks Edd China for the tip over all the years).

Once pulled through the cockpit, insert new cable into panel and attach to wire and pull through.  The only hard part that I ran across was the trimming of the new cable….you have to make sure that the full push/pull of the cable is intact and operates the heater valve correctly – too short or long will not work the heater valve correctly.  Some minor trimming via my Dremmel and job done!

Next up is heater valve and that pesky heater unit that is not powering on.  Switch has 12v, but blower is dead….maybe a bad ground?