Basil the Mini

Project #4: Fire Breathing Peanut

It seem lately that most of the updates on Basil continue to be small niggly things or problems that need to be fixed, but I must say that he is running pretty good.  Today I installed the very common air filter upgrade, an open air element by K&N.  K&N describes this until as a HS4 carb performance unit, but I also know in all the years I have been working on and selling parts to people, these things just tend to be noise makers.  And that is fine by me for Basil.

It all starts with the OE filter housing and K&N filter installed.  Easy to remove by two butterfly bolts, it is quickly removed and put away.  Next comes the hard part – these two screws that mount the goose-neck intake to the carb body.  Thankfully, I had this little Craftsman Philips socket drive that my dad gave me (thanks pops!) and came into good use.  The space between the firewall/opening and that carb is an arse-crack hair wide and really requires every cm of spaced to be used.  Off come the two bolts and then had a small scare.  It literally looked like the K&N until simply would not fit in between the firewall and carb, but my god she did.  With the K&N backing plate on, the screws tightened down by my new favorite tool and then all was required was to squeeze the filter element on to the plate and the the top plate.  Last nut to go on was the securing nut and Bob’s your Uncle.  Job done!

I have yet to start it and I believe that Basil came with a Performance Upgrade by Mini Spares, so hoping the needle in the carb will play friendly to the filter element.  Before I forget, save yourself about $40 and buy this through Amazon from a general K&N distributor.  The Mini places are literally asking twice the price for these.  These are not custom filter kits, but a common until that fits, Mini, MG, Austin, Triumph, etc.

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