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My 1974 Mini: Under the skin

So now that I have searched the country for that perfect next project, you will have read by now that I purchased a nice 1974 Mini 1000 out of Canada. This particular car is (on paper and through many conversations with current and previous owners) in excellent shape with no rust and some mild modifications that are in line with my vision. Several examples out there were in really bad shape and would need a lot of work and what is great about this one is that it has a nicely modified 998 engine that I think I can have fun with. Sure, would love to put a honker 1275 under the hood, but that day will be further down the road.

So what does she have on her today? I received the mod list from Big Al and carefully researched what has been done. Below you will find the complete list (assuming that I have all the info correct) as well as some further descriptions.  There are some nice enhancements here, but I am also going to do some serious overhauling – which is what I like to do.  Stay tuned for more info on how the project will evolve.

The Engine

  • Freshly rebuilt 998cc engine w/4 speed transmission, including:
  • Duplex timing chain
  • Centre oil pick up
  • Mini Spares Stage 1 kit
  • 22g202 head
  • Kent 256 cam

The Upgrades

  • Freshly painted bright white with new wheel arches
  • New superlite 10”rims with Yoko A008 tires, including matching spare
  • Stainless door hardware
  • Chrome licence plate light
  • Chrome wiper arms
  • Chrome monza style fuel cap
  • Small Moto-Lita steering wheel
  • New black carpet
  • JoltFreaks honda front disc brake kit for 10″ wheels

Recent Maintenanvce

  • New brakes and brake master cylinder
  • New clutch slave cylinder
  • New cones, Hi-Los and shocks all around
  • Adjustable front tie bars
  • Innocenti style front sump guard
  • Wipac 4 Quadoptics Light Bar
  • Smiths oil/pressure guage
  • GM Alternaror upgrade
  • Keith Calvert waxstat eliminator kit for carb
  • K&N air filter
  • Rebuilt Pertronix Ignitor II Dizzy
  • New water pump
  • New fuel pump
  • New thermostat
  • New grille and surounds
  • Replaced rear side window seals


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