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My 1974 Mini: Let’s motor

The most fun part of a project like this is actually researching and planning out what you would like to do….and it seems that this is consuming a lot of my time these days. I have already started looking at the super-cool Mini magazines from Japan and boy, do they know how to build a retro mini from a newer model. So like with my Miata, the research method still holds true and I will continue to get inspired through these publications and or course, spend way too much money for the smaller parts out there.

As with the Miata community, the unique parts here in the states is about as uninspiring as you can imagine…you have the basics like Mini Mania, Moss Motors, etc….but there is hope now with Mini Sport now opening the US e-shop online as well as some smaller outfits like Se7en Enterprises. Of course, the UK takes the cake for parts distribution and just endless amount of ideas, etc.

So in this post, I am going to paint for you a picture of what I am thinking in terms of parts and my initial plans.  Up front the idea was to find a Classic Mini and sink some funds into a new 1275 engine built by Se7en Enterprises or repaint the car.  The repaint aspect has been driving me crazy and as you know, the white on this Mini is not my favorite.  With the engine in good shape, I envision looking at a color swap soon – more on that in another post.

Aside form engine and paint, I have already started looking at buying some parts to get things moving along.  To date, I have purchased a Moto-Lita Monte-Carlo knob, a vintage Alpine 7269 Radio, an old AA grille badge from the UK, a custom roof rack from this incredible builder out of California and now a set of ultra-rare 10×6 MB Racing Wheels in gold from the UK.  Whew….I need to slow down a little and I have yet to take possession of the car!

Some other important updates include:

  • Interior refresh with new paneling and carpets (possibly in red)
  • New seats – very tough to decide on these (retro vs club style)
  • Wheel arches – so many to choose from
  • Audio interface – with a vintage Alpine, would like hidden integration with my iPod

There are more pics below that will give you some hints as to where I am heading, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “My 1974 Mini: Let’s motor

  1. Hey! Looks like a great project.
    I’m restoring a classic 1975 mini too, and I’ve been looking for one of those blue and silver key fobs for ages. Where did you see that one in your pictures?
    Good luck!

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