My 1974 Mini: Color


Car color is such a personal choice. Back in the day when I was a wee laddy, it was all bright neon colors for me. I know we all go through this in life and I am not sure what it is really. Maybe a bit of the finger thrown at the man or simply a statement of creativity? I think with any car, it tells a story when you see it. For vintage cars, it has to be right. Very rarely have I ever seen a vintage car painted in either a newer color or something bright and gaudy that I like. The traditional Britax Cooper Yellow is a good example – lov\e that color on that car, but you have to have the balls to back that up.

Sometimes I see minis from around the world for sale and many have this odd color choice. Some are very metallic with just odd colors like purple, weird blues or even an odd silver. But my vision is about retro and heritage with a small dash of club racer thrown in. And with that, the colors become more refined for me that are period correct. With my mini today, it is painted in this vulgar ‘alpine’ white – almost reminding me of the mid 80′s VW crowd that used to paint the GTis or Sciroccos all white – including wheels. It is just too much for that small car. So I know I want to change the color – but what color you ask?

Well I have some time to think on this one – I have been tossing around several colors and one I thought I would go with for certain – but have now started to re-0think strategy. The one color I had really wanted to do was Tweed Grey. You can see that color below as well as the one image in my first mini post announcing the new project. Then I started thinking a darker version of that called Yukon Grey – almost like the Audi TT Dolomite Grey. With gold wheels and a black hood – it just looks killer. And ow recently, I have thought about going to my original favorite – Olde English White. I just love the yellowish softer effect of that white and may be a good choice to go that route so that I can work with the white on the car now (i.e. not have to do anything with engine bay or underside).

Anyway, this is still up for debate and something further down the road.

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  1. Keith Cox says:

    Pete, I have been following your blog on your journey to pick up your Mini. Hey, I am your neighbor in Kennesaw and would love to meet up sometime to see your car and talk Mini’s! I have a 65′ that I imported from Wales. Lots of stories to share and if you need help sorting anything out, just drop me a line. Welcome to the crazy world of Mini ownership – these little cas are so much fun. Take care

  2. Dan H says:

    Hey Pete!

    Glad to see you finally found one. You and I were out looking about the same time. I’m down in Smyrna and ended up getting one locally. If you ever want to get the Mini’s together for lunch just let me know. I’d love to check yours out. It looks great.


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