Miata’s Around the World: #001


Every so often we all run across something that becomes our muse or something that elevates our creative vision into something truly special.  Maybe it is a catalyst that provides that spark that leads down another path or one that rekindles one from long ago.  I am not sure what my catalyst is for this particular blog, but much of this stems from my passion for the Eunos Roadster (aka Mazda Miata, MX-5, etc) and how people translate their creativity into a vision.  I have been there and continue to experience those moments and I thought it would be nice to share some of those visions from others around the work how they translated their vision into reality – all through the Mazda Miata.  One important note – the ones I will be displaying in my blog do have a theme that I am drawn to…something nostalgic, something vintage and maybe something new.  But one thing remains true – these are examples from around the world that have inspired me into my journey with The Blue Potato.

Miata #001 / V-Special (NA6CE) / Owner: Yozzy / Location: Shizuoka, Japan / Web SIte


Interior: Yozzy’s NA6 is very well done inside and is very warm and inviting.  I love his approach to the minimalistic approach and his courage not to go so far as to disrupt the lines.  Several key areas that I believe he really nailed it would be the gauge clusters, door panels and shift knob.  The main gauge cluster comes straight out of a super rare M2 1002 edition and provides an independent 4-gauge pod layout with elegant black face and beautiful crystal glass.  In the center bin we find a Drophead 3-gauge up/radio below bin unit with Smith’s gauges.  Finally, something dear to my heart – a beautiful wood shift knob (cannot place the make unless it is OE from Japan) and OE Nardi.  The door panels are OE with Nakamae door straps and M2 1001 This combination is extremely well done and really beckons one to jump in a drive.  And to top it all off, a custom made V-special badge.  Well done Yozzy!

Exterior: The exterior continues to keep the minimalistic vision in line while really making a bold statement by saying “hey, OE body style is still timeless and aggressive at the same time.”  Yozzy does this well and keeps all the proportions in check and not falling prey to altercations to the front nose or rear tail lamp treatment (i.e. Garage Vary).  What I like most of the exterior is the hardtop usage here.  I am a BIG fan of the factory hard top and I feel this really transforms the car into something really special in under 10 mins.  On top of that, he continues to accent the exterior with OE Elan side mirrors, vintage gas cap and OE Jag washer nozzles.  The icing on the cake is a set of Panasports and a lovely Racing Mate badge.  Perfect.

Performance: From what I can make out, it is all stock.  Under the hood he also has a M2 1001 polished valve cover and oil cap.  Very classic and keeps the original feel of the Eunos is check.

Overall Style: I love Yozzy’s overall style and the clarity in his vision.  He simply does not deviate from the Elan approach and the beauty here is in the minimal approach and literally draws you in with each picture.  I would love to drive this car someday and even own something similar.  As I type this now, all I want to do is find a 1991 BRG and totally restore it and go in this direction.  You would need to drop some serious change looking for used M2 1001 parts out there – most likely on Yahoo Japan Auction and even then, I have seen prices anywhere from $300-$1000 USD for specific parts.

Overall Muse Rating: 8/10



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