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Miata’s Around the World: #002

MAtW continues with another BRG beauty, but this time from Shinga prefecture in Japan.  Now the interesting thing about this car is the ‘cafe racer’ approach and me actually seeing this one in person while in Kurizawa a few years ago.  This one literally just stopped me dead in my tracks within a sea of Miatae from Japan.  Quite astonishing if you ask me and I am not sure why it happened.  I mean, if you look at it – there really is nothing special to this car, right?  Well, that is where I would say you really need to read between the lines.  Let’s get to it!

Miata #002/ Eunos Roadster NA6CE / Owner: Nisimura / Location: Shinga, Japan / Web Site


Interior: Nisimura’s NA6CE really does not have much on the inside.  Some soft leather accents and OE Nardi steering wheel and polished Style Bar with harness mounting points. Pretty standard affair and in general good condition from what I saw while at the Kaurizawa meet.

Exterior: The exterior is where this car really shines.  After exploring his Minkara page for a few weeks, it was apparent that he has went through a few creative updates to his NA6 including wheels.  I recall seeing his car page before setting off to Japan and just loved the stance it has in some of the pics in the gallery below (forest shots).  So to start, one immediately notices some nice meatballs on each door – creme in color and really sets off the car well.  It appears that recently he added lower front and rear strips and from what I can make out, he was a little shy in running them over the hood and deck lid.  It appears that he has changed out his nose as well recently and opting for the Barchetta version over say the ZOOM Elan nose kit (something I would have done differently to his car).  It appears that he has a Maurikami Deck Lid on the rear now.  I love how he keeps the OE fog lamps intact as well as his use of the R-pkg spoiler.  A nice set of Runabout mirrors / fuel lid and chrome molding for the windows makes up the nostalgic look and feel as well as a nice custom door plate from the Nostalgic Roadster Group out of Japan. Big props to him some some killer vintage stickers (Britax) and a gentle nod to the classic Mini Cooper!  Finally, some mild wheel arches (riveted!) and RS Watanabe black RS-Eight wheels (6.5J +14.5 front, and 7.0J +7 rear, using spacers) complete the JDM look and excellent stance.

Performance: From what I can make out, it is all stock.  He has a really nice RS FACTORY STAGE exhaust (over under tip) that he seems to like very much.  He even added a checker board design to the can that you can see through the rear bumper cut outs.

Overall Style: This is a very simplistic Eunos with some hints of DIY personalization (cut out bumper, arches, etc) and very well executed.  I would have done the ZOOM nose on this car because of the period look, but the really nice look here are the creme colored meatballs and BRG/Tan combo.  Just looks great.

Overall Muse Rating: 7/10

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