Basil the Mini

Open Road = Open Mind

Sometimes for me, it simply takes the turn of a key.  The sound of my 1995 Miata roars to life as the throttle bodies struggle to breathe air like for the first time – but within seconds the management system calculates ambient air temp and altitude, fuel to air mixture, spark cycles, angle of the cams and engine temps and before I can think, the symphonic sounds of all these harmonies is punctuated by a burbling exhaust note.  I love everything that happens in these precious seconds and it never gets old.

Many times, I always look for the signs – a time of the day or season where I can let all my personal concerns slips though the fingers of life and simply melt away in my other office and behind the wheel of my favorite automobile.  It took years to get her here and it needs nothing more to complete my vision.  And every so often, I continue to see other examples of other people’s vision for their MX-5 and life becomes even more richer and exciting.  It is addictive.

Within minutes, I am on the open road and no traffic.  I may not be in the best area for spirited driving – but at any moment, I can take a short 1.5 hour journey to the N. GA mountains and put her through the paces – the way the suspension was designed for.  There is a connection here that cannot be replicated through any video game or simulator – it is just is and with a roadster like the MX-5, you become one with your environment with the smell, sounds and sights as you cut through landscapes and roadways.  I almost connect this same feeling like riding a motorcycle across country – you just feel everything around you when topless.  And it is in these moments where you have a chance to truly think about life and take a moment to reflect.

Everything at your job becomes blurred and burned away, personal or health concerns take a momentary pause and the world becomes secondary.  My open road provides me with an open mind.



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