Basil the Mini

The Mitty – Road Atlanta 2011

Had another incredible time this year at The Mitty and more importantly,. got to hang out with my other family, Rspeed.  The weather this year was nice – not too hot, but did manage to secure my annual farmer’s tan on the arms.  Also enjoyed hanging out with Tim Allen again from Club Roadster and David Wallens from GRM.  This time, I had a trusty D70 to shoot some of the eye candy on display and like always, I was more attracted to the vintage classic models hanging around.  In particular a really sweet Porsche 356 convertible with a luscious interior and some really nice Alfas.  In addition to the classics, also saw for the first time in person a few Mazda Miata concepts – in particular the NA Coupe where the body lines just continued to draw me in.  Also really enjoyed the GT sessions there and the sound.  Just incredible.  Please be sure to check more on Flickr.