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Fit Sport at Deals Gap 2011

Over the past weekend, I had an opportunity to head to the mountains with a bunch of car enthusiasts for a weekend break, BBQ and some serious liquid libations. When the opportunity arises, I usually take the roadster into the TN and NC mountains, but decided to try the Fit.  My destination was an old friend I have been visiting since 1999 – Hwy 129, or The Tail of Dragon (Deal’s Gap).  318 curves in 11 miles is what this stretch of road is known for – and for others, it is a call into the claims office on Monday from a nasty dragon bite.

It was a no brainer: My relatively new Fit Sport is remarkably nimble and stable platform for tackling twisty roads. In spite of its tall stance, the original Fit never feels tippy, but I am thinking in the long run she needs to be lowered just a tad.

Thanks to a Mugen short shift kit and weighted shift knob, the shift throws were short and very precise. Also coupling that with with amazing steering characteristics and you have a winner for the mountains. The only sore spot were the brakes were I think she would have commanded more stopping power with bigger rotors in the front and in rear (replacing the rear drums).

Power in general is fun if you keep the revs in the 4k range and the addition of a K&N intake gives you the grin factor of a little bark for this nimble wee-beastie.  The real beauty here was that I was able to pack all my gear including my friends gear into the car and had a comfortable ride while logging in over 500 miles.

Overall, really enjoyed the quick run to the mountains and feel like the 2009 Honda Fit Sport had earned its wings one of the United State’s most challenging roads.

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