Basil the Mini

REPORT#31: It’s all in the alignment

April – June, 2018 Between April and June of 2018 I finally got an alignment and holy cow….it was needed.  He drives so much better now…especially with proper camber on the rears.  But as usual, Georgia weather is spot on and perfect driving weather for any classic mini, but in June we started to creep […]

REPORT#30: Summertime Fun and bits-n-bobs

My sincere apologies as again, maintaining a job and a classic car and family life and then a blog always seems to intersect into a more of time that simply is not there. But nevertheless – Basil has seen some nice improvements and running really nicely. With where I am at now with this car, […]

REPORT#29: Initial Runs and More Little Things

So a small update today (writing this as of 6/5/18, so a bit behind), but after getting Basil running “well”, it was time to look at fuel pressure and overall timing. So on a sunny Atlanta day, we checked all fuel and ignition settings as well as distributor settings. Clearly this was done statically on […]

REPORT#28: The Light of Day (finally!)

Wow – what a journey this has been….seriously, what a journey from that day where I crossed Peace Bridge to pick up Basil and then drove it back to Atlanta. And the decision to start all over again on a fairly “rust-free” Mini…I just sit here sometimes and just cannot say a word at times.  […]


The day is here – the engine is finally started for the first time in a long time. In fact, this is a new engine and not the old 998 fire-breathing peanut…more like a Booming Potato. So where to start….lets cover the engine first. The Engine – started out as a metro 1275 and expertly […]

REPORT#26: Almost Ready to Take Flight

Not much for this update – just a lot of little things that I was working on but the big focus was on getting the carpet modified, cut and installed correctly. It was a fairly easy install, but holy cow – lots of cut, install, remove, measure, cut, install and repeat like 30 times. The […]

REPORT#25: Moving Into The New Office

This is a big big big update and one I have been looking forward to – and one that needs the right touch. The interior for Basil was something I have been thinking about for some time as like with The Blue Potato, I really focus on interior aesthetics. I knew 3 years ago that […]

REPORT#24: The Lump Returns and More Wiring

Here comes a big one and my oh my, how these things come in big waves. In this report, I am happy to say that I covered (meaning started) on some critical areas – that required some praying, some measuring, some luck and some bourbon. In no particular order, I got my hands dirty around […]

REPORT#23: Now We’re Getting REDcited!

Hello again and welcome to the crisp fall weather for 2017. The war still rages on with the project…this update will not be a HUGE one, but an important one. The entire Basil the Mini project originally started with a vision for me. One that started with that one Mini pic I saw a looong […]

REPORT#22: Do Mini Owners Dream of Wiring?

….yes, yes they do – especially if you are an anal wiring guy like me where everything has to be new and in the proper place. I love new wire…just something about it and I went to the nines on Basil to make sure the botch job from the previous owner was eradicated, removed and […]